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Mission Strategy
Mission Strategy

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Mission Strategy:

Regardless of your mission statement, "The Great Commission" is also the mission of any church. Church Media Services is a practical form of imaging and promotion for churches. It is important to note that we are not a large, "cookie‐cutter" operation which will overlook the unique calling and purpose God has assigned to your church. Our goal is to help your organization magnify and multiply, as you were called to do.

The Church's charge from Jesus is to grow (to reach more people that are a part of the great harvest, spoken of in John 4:35‐36). We have to be careful to distinguish the purpose of a church from a secular organization. But the difference would be in purpose, more than technique.

To accomplish his earthly mission, Jesus attracted attention and maintained a constant buzz. A person would anticipate something extraordinary when Jesus came to town. It would seem that the average church could stand to kick the image up a notch or two without being inconsistent with Jesus.