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The Great Commission
The Great Commission

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The Great Commission:

Jesus' technique, as he walked this earth, was to be a warm, inviting and loving individual toward the sinner, so that he could reach that person and point him or her to salvation. But the glorified Jesus, later, charged the church with "The Great Commission" (Mark 16:15).

How does a large, medium or even small sized church play a part in preaching the gospel to everyone, without straining its resources? Is your church image compatible with God's commission for the Church? Why wouldn't your church be a source of truth, edification and salvation for individuals in other locations than yours, across the country and across the world, if it could?

You are reaching and loving local individuals one‐on‐one, and also teaching them to disciple others and, by no means should you ever neglect that. The Church Media Services division of Future Broadcast interprize is designed to also provide you and your church family with a means to participate in the broader part of The Great Commission (Mark 16:15 ).