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Future Broadcast interprize (FBi) received its humble beginning when some visionary members of my (Barry Ford's) church proposed to invest in a music production business, with me as the operator, in 1994. As the executive voice of Church Media Services of (Future Broadcast interprize) I attend a small church with a small staff which wears many hats. I understand that there’s financial pressure to do everything in-house. I just happened to be involved with the music/entertainment production industry, associate with other Christian artists who have similar involvement in the industry, and was in position to offer a unique service to my small church.

As renumeration for my services I told the pastor and media personnel that I would use us as a demo, and offer this as an affordable service to other small and medium-sized churches, even some large churches who have the need. The “we/us” part of Future Broadcast interprize (FBi) is not a large staff, but a few skilled artisans that I’m able to call upon, if my production sole proprietorship needs to do so.