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Expand Your Audience
Expand Your Audience

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Expand Your Audience:

Local, congregational and community impact requires a one-to-one show of love. Amen. But, in order to benefit and attract more of the "EVERYONE" that Jesus commissioned the church to reach, including those precious few that fall through the cracks, perhaps your church should do all that it can, to have both local and extended impact. Your voice might be the one that reaches the one that fell through the cracks. Or even the local one that stays away because of an issue he or she has with church.

On the other hand, Church Media Services of (Future Broadcast interprize) is very practical, because your existing congregation will enjoy and benefit greatly from the sermon editing service, through archives and shut-in services, while it also helps your church to attract a new harvest.

Even if you are not a mega church, sermons that are valuable to your flock, must be valuable, period. They should be worthy of front, middle and back‐end narration over your church's own theme music. Your messages and highlights of your church service should be worthy of proper categorization by topic and worthy to be made available to a greater audience, on the internet and/or some other form of broadcast.

Church Media Services of (Future Broadcast interprize) is here to help you re‐image from a small to medium especially local church to a media church that also reaches everyone. We exist to help you begin the synergy of not only reaching anyone and everyone, but also having those you reach to join you financially in preaching the gospel.

Since you offer a unique message, some individuals in the vast cyber audience world will be especially drawn to your sermons over some of the messages readily available on the internet, and will perhaps become loyal supporters.